Cañones Software Outfitter

Software developers and computer application advisors.

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Business Focus

Our company doesn"t maintain flashy office space or a fleet of corporate jets. Our company does offer cost effective technical skills on a shoestring budget.

We work with you to:

  • Recommend computer solutions that will work for your business.
  • Design, develop, implement and maintain your business information architecture.
  • Give you ideas on how to take advantage of new technology.
  • Provide written critiques of existing systems and/or development.

Much of our business is centered around developing custom software for large corporations. On these projects we like to use open source software (such as Bootstrap and Angular, which this site is constructed with), but also work with commercial software packages to suit your needs and budget.

Java is our favorite tool for developing the server portion of applications. User interfaces are usually built with browser technologies that function equally well in desktop, laptop and mobile environments (Javascript, HTML5); or for certain situations with development of mobile apps we will use native toolsets (for example Java for Android, or Objective-C for IOS).

Java is used as basic server-side infrastructure due to its mature toolset, proven scalability and it is so easy to develop with that our application designers can spend most of their time on business requirements and software architecture and design with less time wasted on tedious coding issues. The result is higher quality, better performing software that meets your needs instead of diverting your resources towards expensive system maintenance.

For other performance critical, real time, or legacy interfaces we also have the old guard C programming expertise on tap, and we aren"t afraid to use it!

What This Is

This web site is an example of using open source tools to generate a consistent look and feel from a set of specifications and content. It"s an example of how we use open source tools to improve your operations" competitiveness and cost effectiveness.

Please browse the site to learn a little about the Cañones Software Outfitter and some of the people who make the company.

Help at Home

We also have a team in the Northern New Mexico area that does housecalls for home and small business users needing short-term hardware or software help. So give us a buzz if you"ve been wanting to upgrade your hardware or software, or have some issue that you just can"t get to the bottom of. We"ll give you an honest assessment of what"s up, and will usually do so for free!

We can help:

  • Recommend computer hardware and software appropriate to your requirements.
  • Setup/debug your home network - wired or wireless.
  • Install/setup software and/or hardware upgrades.
  • Debug hardware/software problems.
  • Help you preserve your data.
  • Build computers or networks from scratch. You see every component that goes in, so know exactly what you"re getting. Of course, we"ll also work with you so that you buy what you need, and ONLY what you need.

Let Cañones Software Outfitter do the job for you - we"ll recommend a cost effective (read: "cheap, yet sufficient") hardware and software solution, then do the setup for a fixed fee agreed upon up front. Since you buy the hardware from a third party, you never have to pay markups to us. You can buy your equipment from your preferred vendor, or we can tell you where to get good stuff cheap!!

All our fees are contingent upon successful completion of the job. If we"re doing a small job for you, and if the job is not done to your satisfaction, we charge you nothing. It"s as simple as that.

Our folks are knowledgeable on the latest commercial software and hardware (windows, Intel and AMD based PC"s), but can also help you adventurous souls delving into the mysteries of *NIX operating systems.

So drop us an email about your issue or wishes - there is no cost until or unless you and us agree upon a job and terms. There"s no risk to you - and we take privacy seriously.